Portfolios as Blogs

Here is a super thought-provoking (at least for me) post by George Couros about student ownership of learning. Intentional dialogue with and for an audience about specific learning – showcased and documented for the purpose of actually engaging readers and viewers. Enjoy! Who owns the learning? Advertisements

Emotional Resilience

Some super helpful thinking in Elena Aguilar’s latest post in her blog The Art of Coaching Teachers. Check out out and start a conversation about what you are doing to reduce your stress and help your colleagues do the same. Lee

Presentation Advice and More

Here is a brief digest of what has come across my path recently that grabbed my attention. I hope you can find something useful. Included… some thinking about: Presentations – what will make yours engaging for students? 10 Tips For New Teachers – (new and not-so-new alike) When A Negative Becomes A Positive – helpful classroom […]

Literacy starts early

The New York Times reports on a study done with preschool families in San Francisco unified school district. The power and influence of text messages may be greatly under appreciated. What kind of action research could we conduct with a simple tool like Remind (for regularly contacting our families with tweet-sized advice about how to […]