3 Proven Practices

It’s re-readable. The article, small, not making headlines anywhere demands we stop and think about our practice. It is a reminder, this article, about 3 effective practices in writing instruction. And you should indulge yourself in the reminder. New research on writing instruction in The Hechinger Report. Enjoy!     Advertisements

The Draw of Gaming

Like it or not, our kids are hooked… on gaming. Maybe not all of them, but many. Well, there are reasons the gaming world is so… wait, I’m going to use the word you may dread to hear connected with this… engaging. There. I used it. And it’s true. Check out Douglas Kiang’s thoughts in […]

Reading and Creativity

It’s by doing, by pretending and role-playing, by listening to dozens of books read each day and discussing and dramatizing them, by engaging in meaningful conversations, by collaborative and generative problem solving, painting, dancing, and music, that children develop creativity. – Laura Robb   Do you remember this? For the hours you might have spent (or […]

Glad To Be Connected

Matt Renwick, author of Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment, wrote a brilliant blog entry yesterday that captivated my thinking. Here’s why: Good teaching builds connections. Connections with those we are learning with. Connections with the material we are learning. Connections with previous things we’ve learned. You know…connections. […]

Random Resources

This week’s update brings an eclectic mix of support resources! Take the time to see if the links apply to you and then dive in.   6 Elements of Effective Praise  – blog-like article at Teachers.net – thought-provoking and brief. 7 Secret Tips To Ace A Multiple Choice Test! – another brief article Teachers.net with solid, helpful […]

Classroom Management for the New Teacher

Just a quick link to a blog entry that gives basic help and a great link to a lesson plan idea that will help new teachers immensely as they consider what students should be doing during the class period. 3 Things New Teachers Need to Know About Classroom Management by Ryan McCarty Enjoy!

Welcome To New Insight

Welcome to my new place to collect and share useful resources I find for teaching and learning! If you have followed my Sharpened Focus blog, you’ll find all future entries here. If you have used my instructional coach site as a source for links and resources, you’ll find an ever growing set of those here. […]